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Winter Car Care Tips in Hendersonville, NC

During winter, your car needs special care that isn't necessary in warm weather. Maintaining your vehicle in winter requires checking that coolant is filled and that your defrosting system is running properly. You may not think about these parts during summer, but they're crucial for winter driving. Keep reading to learn more winter car care tips.

5 Types of Winter Car Care


Make sure that your battery is in good condition for the winter months, since you could end up stranded if it dies. Having a volt test done will let you know if your battery is working correctly or needs to be replaced.


Keeping your fuel tank full is important for two reasons. One, a full tank will keep water from freezing inside your fuel pump. Two, it could aid you in staying warm by permitting the engine to run if you ever get stuck.


The coolant in your vehicle stops the engine from freezing in cold temperatures. Most mechanics advise that drivers put a half and half mix of coolant and water in their radiators.

Tires/Tire Pressure

Winter tires usually stay more flexible and offer better traction on cold ground, even if there's no snow. Plus, your tires lose up to one pound per square inch of tire pressure with every 10-degree drop in the temperature. If your tires aren't inflated enough, your car will be less predictable and therefore less safe.


Don't want to be scraping ice off your windshield? Be sure that your defroster is working.


We strongly suggest keeping some kind of survival kit in your vehicle for use in emergencies. While this isn't a car care tip as much as a tip to keep you prepared, it will make all the difference if you end up stranded. Everyone should have survival kit, especially drivers who live in or travel through rural areas. Stock your survival kit with a first-aid kit, a flashlight, jumper cables, a blanket and a cellphone charger.

If you have any questions about caring for your vehicle during the winter or need a service check-up to make sure everything is running properly before the cold sets in, contact us or stop by Hunter Subaru at 2520 Asheville Hwy, Hendersonville, NC 28791. As always, we look forward to serving our customers from Hendersonville, NC.

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