Should I Buy a Vehicle from this Model Year or Last? | Hendersonville NC


Should I Buy a Vehicle from this Model Year or Last in Hendersonville, NC

There are new models being released throughout the year, but many of them arrive during late summer or autumn. Typically, dealerships will try to sell the current year's models before offering the latest model.

When next year's models launch, there are usually a lot of new end-of-model-year vehicles that need to be sold to make room for the newer ones. For example, 2020 models may start arriving at a dealership in August, while many 2019 models are still sitting on the lot.

Dealers usually want to move these end-of-model-year vehicles as soon as they can, and you can use this to your advantage. However, purchasing a year-end model may not be for everyone. To learn what to consider when comparing models, keep on reading!

End-of-Model-Year Vehicles Are Priced to Move

A great perk of buying a year-end model is that there are usually great offers. Dealers will often give some of their best specials on these models. Pay attention to radio, TV and newspaper ads for incentives like 0% financing and cash back options. With all these savings, this might be the best time of year to purchase a new vehicle.

Consider How Long You Plan to Own the Vehicle

On the flip side, buying an end-of-model-year vehicle may not be for you if you don't plan on owning it for long. A newer model has a higher trade-in value in the short term and can be a better investment for those who purchase a new vehicle every few years. If you plan on keeping your vehicle for more than, say, five years, the difference in the trade-in value won't matter much.

When Only the Latest and Greatest Will Do

Tech-savvy drivers may be more interested in the latest features in a vehicle, whether it's a slight upgrade in engine performance or cutting-edge technology. If you're concerned about having the latest and greatest features, consider purchasing a newer model. Keep in mind, however, that some vehicles hardly change from one year to another. The sales professionals at Hunter Subaru can tell you the differences between the current year's model and next year's model and help you choose which is best for you.


If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of buying a vehicle at end of model year, visit Hunter Subaru at 2520 Asheville Hwy, Hendersonville, NC 28791. We have a large selection of this year’s models, as well as next year’s models, on our lot. And if you’re in Hendersonville, we can help you choose the perfect brand-new vehicle for your lifestyle.

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