Buying vs. Leasing Your New Vehicle

Shopping for a new car means making a lot of decisions. In addition to determining which make and model is right for you, you'll need to choose between buying and leasing.

While there isn't necessarily one objectively better option, there is likely an option that works better for you than the other. They best way to decide between buying and leasing, though, is research. That's why, here at Hunter Subaru, we've listed out some of the perks for both options for you. Keep reading to learn more.


Freedom of Choice

Freedom and flexibility are the foremost perks of leasing a vehicle. When you lease, you have the option to drive a new vehicle every few years if you choose, and can postpone the purchase decision without the inconvenience of having to sell or trade the vehicle.


Leasing terms most often last around 24 to 60 months. With shorter terms, you can make lower payments. You're also able to choose your mileage. Lessees are normally given 12,000 or 15,000 miles per year, but if you need a higher mileage limit, you're given the choice to purchase more miles at signing.

Lower Payments

Since you're only purchasing the right to drive a vehicle for a certain period of time, your financial responsibility and monthly payments can be significantly reduced. Also, if you're not ready to put down a sizeable down payment, then leasing may be better for you, as there are leasing options that require $0 down.

Hazard-Free Driving

Because most leases last for just two to three years, your vehicle is generally covered with warranty protection for as long as you have it.

True Convenience

When your lease ends, you simply return with the vehicle. You would then pay any remaining fees you may have acquired for excess mileage or wear and tear and taxes or purchase it at a predetermined price. There's no need for you to sell it or trade it in unless it benefits you.



Ownership is the primary benefit of buying instead of leasing a vehicle. If you're looking to keep your vehicle for a longer time frame, then buying is the better option for you. Plus, choosing to buy rather than lease provides you with the option to customize your vehicle to fit your lifestyle.

No Mileage Limitation

When financing your vehicle, you're responsible for the miles you travel and you don't have to worry about any mileage restriction. Leasing requires that you calculate in advance how many miles you'll travel each year. Ownership gives you the freedom to drive as much and as far as you like without collecting fees.

Payment Flexibility

If you decide to purchase your vehicle, you can finance it or buy it outright with cash. If you buy with cash, you become the owner of the vehicle right then. As a result, you won't have to worry about monthly payments. If you choose to finance, you have an extended period of time with a loan to pay off the vehicle. For the best outcome when financing, we highly recommend that you acquire the most affordable, dependable and competitive rates possible, like what we offer here at Hunter Subaru.

True Freedom

When you complete your payment schedule, typically in four to six years, you own your vehicle. You can keep driving for as long as you like without making any more payments, or sell or trade it at any time. Once you own the vehicle, you are no longer making monthly payments, which means you could potentially place those same funds toward your savings.

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